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About WiNDC

The Wisconsin National Data Consortium (WiNDC) facilitates the creation and documentation of open source multisectoral economic datasets for US states and counties. These datasets are created by open source computer programs which can be run on NEOS. The datasets are provided together with canonical general equilibrium models which can provide the starting point for quantitative policy analysis.

The first version of the open-source dataset (WiNDC 1.0) was a byproduct of a research project conducted by Thomas F. Rutherford and Andrew Schreiber (both at that time at the University of Wisconsin-Madison) with Gökçe Akin-Olçum (from the Environmental Defense Fund) and Christoph Böhringer (from the University of Oldenburg).

For the current version of the dataset (WiNDC 2.0), the data input stream was rebuilt. The data stream is now modular, each step in the process is transparent and can be recreated: from raw data available on government websites to the database that serves as input for the WiNDC build. The core WiNDC database includes multisectoral economic data for the years 1997 to 2016. It is suitable for analyzing economy-wide issues in North America.

WiNDC was organized and is hosted by the Department of Agricultural & Applied Economics at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

The following map is based on data in the core WiNDC database and is a small example of the data we offer. An interactive version and details on the data are available here.

Choropleth map of the US indicating the level of GDP in 2016 per state 
              with different shades of blue