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The WiNDC Environment

This document describes how to set up the proper Python environment for the WiNDC data system.

We assume that your package manager is Conda and that it is already installed on your machine. Please consult the Anaconda webpage for more details.

Setting up the WiNDC environment

  1. Create the windc environment by running the following command on the command line or terminal:
    conda create --name windc python=3.7
    Verify that the new environment was created properly with this command:
    conda info --envs
    For more information on environment creation and management in Conda, see the official documentation.
  2. Enter the new environment with the following command:
    conda activate windc
  3. Install the GAMS Python 3.7 API files manually in the windc environment by following the instructions on the GAMS website. For example, if you are working on a Mac and your current version of GAMS is 31.1, you may use the following command:
    python /Applications/GAMS31.1/Resources/sysdir/apifiles/Python/api_37/ install
  4. Install the Python package windc_data in the windc environment:
    pip install windc_data
  5. Verify that the GAMS and windc_data packages have been successfully installed in the windc environment by entering:
    conda list

Your Python environment is now ready!